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About Us

At StoryKiez, we begin with the philosophy that creators create best when they’re creatively empowered and passionate about what they’re developing. So, we tap into the enthusiasm, drive and unique experiences of our clients and students and provide the tools to craft powerful, dynamic stories stemming from what they're passionate about communicating to their target audience.

The StoryKiez method integrates exercises and insights from years of professional experience in TV writers’ rooms, long-form improv, and story editing. We put great emphasis on the development “process” where each step requires different approaches and mindsets. How one should creatively explore, structure, and write at the beginning of the storytelling process is very different from how one should explore, structure, and write in the final steps.

The goal is to find the right blend of inspiration, personal connection, and craft to create fresh, exciting stories that deeply connect with one’s target audience. 

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